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  • Why Xbox One is Great For You

    Xbox One is duly a feature rich, ambitious and a gamers’ delight console. Microsoft has over time added a zillion more specifications to make Xbox One a gaming powerhouse. It is already a giant giving the likes of PlayStation 4, a run for their money. It is a console which being future-ready does not forget the past connect as well. Sharing games with family, time spent tracking, customization etc. are some of the major USPs Xbox One boasts of. This post is a rundown of the amazing features of Xbox One which you need to consider for your gaming extravaganza. Read on to explore.


    Playing with friends is something everybody wants and loves. Xbox One has this feature to play with your buddies no matter if they have a PC or console. More and more gamers are coming up on this with majors like Rocket League, Minecraft, Gears of War 4 etc. already there. This helps Microsoft to create a large gaming community as well which is great for online gamers. Many more cross-platform titles are bound to come, and sites like can empower you with insights about the hardware advancements they will support.

    EA Access

    EA Access is a game changer subscription on Xbox One. Titles like Star Wars Battlefront, Inquisition and a vast array of other EA games are available at mere $5 per month. The access allows you to play an EA game even before it comes out. The ‘EA Vault’ has over 30 games and some hour free trails to play exclusive titles. All of this makes the subscription absolutely excellent and the price absolutely fiber for this.

    Phone Control

    Phones can be used as simple Xbox One controllers with the iOS and Android Xbox apps. While it does suffer from hindrances like not being able to work for everything due to the absence of LB, RT, LT, RB buttons and same network requirement for console control. Still, it is really effective to use for composing messages and applying vouchers. You can also buy and download games on the go, at your ease. Sounds like awesome, right?

    Track Your Gaming Time

    Getting addicted to gaming is a worst that everyone needs to avoid. Tracking time spent on games and the number of sessions played is important to manage healthy gaming habits. Xbox One is on point here with title-specific playtime, progress and scores. Past sessions can be monitored to check on any excessive time spent. Most of the metrics can also be compared with those on your friend list. Checking on bandwidth usage is another value point that can’t be missed for anything.

    Share Games

    Having games that can be played by every member of your family with their own unique achievements is major fun. All that needs to be done is to label an Xbox One as your ‘’home” Xbox and all other accounts can gain access to the games available. If someone is willing to set their ‘home’ on yours, then you both get to share each other’s gaming titles. This works even when you are not logged in which is remarkable.

    Xbox One users can play lots of games from the past era with really great and loads of games to select from. Playing the classic along with the latest is every bit of a spectacle for a gaming enthusiast.

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