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This part of the website is where I actively encourage all my visitors to impart with their specialist knowledge and years of experience on anything related to the gaming and online market. The best way to do this is to share a guest blog post with the rest of the community.

If the prospect of getting your words in front of an astounding 15,000 regular visitors to the Marvel Crusaders website sounds exciting, then this is your chance to do so. Take your time to look through this extensive article which I have compiled for all potential guest writers to familiarize yourself with the layout of the blog area and then get in touch with me below and we can get the ball rolling.

Who I Am Looking for To Write for My Website

Unlike many other blogs, I do not impose a strict set of rules when it comes to writing a guest blog post for the Marvel Crusaders website. I don’t like to restrict anybody from this rare and unique opportunity, and therefore I am open to anybody writing for the site, whether you have had prior writing experience or not.

The only stipulation I do attach is that you have a passion of some sort for the subject in which you write about. I feel that this is only reasonable and is merely common sense. After all, an article without passion is just a dull and tedious piece of text – and that is most definitely not what Marvel Crusaders is all about.

Don’t overthink your spelling and style of writing, instead, pour your passion onto the page and give the readers of Marvel Crusaders something to talk about, think about and perhaps act upon. This is an intelligent community of people who know what they want from their visits to this website and hopefully your blog post will be the one to gain their attention!

Why I Would Like You to Contribute to My Blog

I encourage all visitors to the Marvel Crusader website to offer their thoughts in a blog piece because I believe that the gaming and online world is a vast community, where we can all learn from each other and impart what we know to help fellow comrades.

As I have said before on the site, gaming and the online industry is often seen by some as one of the more isolating of avenues to undertake. Perhaps there is some truth in this when you consider that many of us sit in front of a screen for most of our days! However, this is not the case of the home of Marvel Crusaders, and I do everything in my power to change people’s perceptions of this world at this website!

By opening the blog area for all those members interested in penning a blog post, this is a small way of connecting all the sites community members together and sharing their individual experiences as one. I believe that if I can get every single member from the 15,000 members who visit this website, to make their own contribution to the site, we can work on improving the overall content of the site and branch out further each time, making this the place to be.

This lifestyle is anything but isolating – it is excitement on a different scale!

Topics of Interest to The Marvel Crusaders Website

As this website is so diverse and wide-ranging in its member type and subject matter, I decided very early on in its creation to offer a bit of structure when it came to blog post topics. After a little bit of research into visitor’s searches, I determined that there were 10 primary topics that visitors were tending to request time and time again during their visit to Marvel Crusaders:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Comics
  • Entertainment
  • Hobbies
  • Lifestyle
  • Movies
  • Music
  • The World Wide Web
  • Traveling
  • Video Games

I believe that this selection covers a wide range of interests and allows for a more extensive variety of blog posts to be written by all visitors. However, with the gaming and online industry changing all the time, I do keep an eye on all the latest developments and updates and add to or modify the topic lists where necessary. If you know of a topic which the site could benefit from adding to this list, then get in touch with me to discuss its suitability.

Alternatively, I like to offer further guidance to anybody interested in submitting a guest blog post to the Marvel Crusaders site, particularly new writers, in the form of suggested article titles. These are just a few titles I have selected that really give you a feel as to the overall types of articles the Marvel Crusaders visitors are keen on reading more about:

  • Why does the Marvel formula continue to outsell that of DC comics?
  • How can we change the gaming industry to encourage more female gamers?
  • Which console is the best for my needs – The Xbox or The PlayStation?
  • Who are the top technology innovators that I need to be following this year?
  • Do the Netflix Series and the Avenger Movies live up to fans expectations of their Marvel heroes?

Submit a Guest Post to My Blog with Ease

I know a large part of my audience are very familiar with a range of technical aspects of websites. Though, I also know that many visitors may never have written a guest blog post before, and it can often seem a little confusing on how exactly to go about getting that piece published online such a site as this.

Therefore, all I ask you to do is concentrate your efforts on your fascinating written article, and I will endeavor to take care of the rest! It really is that straightforward. When you are ready, use the contact form below to get in touch. Let me take care of the often-boring side of blog submissions while you concentrate on having fun with your post.

Hopefully, it should now seem clear to you what type of articles the Marvel Crusaders visitors are interested in, as well as the audience type. Now all that is left is for you begin that blog post! Write and publish your post here and get your name pride of place next to your efforts for all the community members to discover the person behind the blog. Myself and 15,000 plus members are just waiting for your words of wisdom!


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