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  • Wolverine: The Best Marvel Superhero Ever

    If you combine the hardest hitting fighter with the most lethal killer, you will get Wolverine. His charisma cannot be matched by any Marvel character or any person I’ve seen for that matter. He has mastered every armed and unarmed form of fighting you could ever imagine. He has been living from a very long period of time (almost 140 years) which has given him the immense experience to face almost every kind of situation.

    Here I am listing some traits of Wolverine which have helped him to shine brighter than any Marvel character ever.

    He’s real

    Despite having great abilities, he still suffers. Though he can heal from any wound it still hurts him like any other living being, even when he takes out his legendary claws. He has never wiped his opponents with lasers and lightning but has fought with them till their last breath. He takes punishment to the extremes and kills his enemies without a hint of regret.

    This is the most prominent reason many people can relate to Logan as he faces problems at every step of life but eventually thrives with his share will to win. He struggles throughout his life to get appreciation, love or even a faithful friend but is met with hardships and lost hopes.

    His personality has made us fall for him and that’s not because he’s jacked but because of the way he teats his life. He has always helped people in need while risking his life. He has guided young mutants to a life of purpose. All in all, he has given so many moments of pure emotion to the Marvel universe that he has become more popular than the comic brand itself.

    He is Marvel’s version of Batman

    Logan has always been a primary character in Marvel universe but recently he has become Marvel’s answer to DC’s Batman. He is a loner who cannot work in groups just like Batman. He has lived such a long life that nothing excites him as he sees through every situation. People around him have always been sceptical about him and his actions.

    He lives alone and tries hard to eliminate any contact with society except for Xavier. He does not have any feelings yet his character makes us feel the most emotional. He cannot stand nonsense as he been through a lot in a century. After all his efforts he gets very less recognition as a good person and he does not really care about it. He was not able to get the love of his life because of his lifestyle.

    These characteristics are the same as Batman and as he is the ultimate superhero ever, Wolverine becomes the best without a doubt. Logan is not the average superhero who only fights with villains for peace but a person who struggles with the evil inside him to protect humanity.

    He famously said described himself as “I’m the best there is at what I do, and what I do best isn’t very nice. I’m the Wolverine”.

    I am fan, no doubt!

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