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  • My Views on Marvel Unlimited

    Marvel Unlimited came as an option for us (the children of the digital age) to experience the fun of reading long forgotten comics. This app has given us the chance to make contact with original comic books. It’s the ultimate collection of the stories of our favourite superheroes and supervillains right from the start.

    I don’t know about you but I always wanted to know the real emotions of Tony Stark when he chose to become Ironman. If you are an avid comic book reader you could relate to me big time. Even casual fans would love to know the idea behind their favourite characters for the sake of “information”.


    Coming back to Marvel unlimited, this app gives us 20 thousand comics to read. I felt crazy the first time I opened the app. It was a vast ocean of Marvel Characters ready to reveal their deepest secrets and most dangerous expeditions.  Being a fanboy, I wanted nothing more than this. Though the app has some technical issues, I ignored them as I don’t expect perfection from anything (Perfection is a lie). But, eventually, I had to consider the parts of the app which needed improvement.

    Marvel has come a long way from 2013 to fix the problems the app was having. Almost all the issues have been handled but for some quirks that disturb our reading experience every now and then. The company has come up with a policy to remove accounts that have been inactive for a long period of time. Now, it is a genuine drawback to readers using older versions of operating systems or outdated devices.  It’d really a setback to readers who have paid to get the original version of comics. People might consider pirated products if they cannot get the worth from their investment.

    Sometimes I’ve waited for days to read comics again. If somebody from Marvel is reading please fix this problem as soon as possible. This can be a serious set off for casual fans. The app has a value greater than what we are being provided at this point in time. I hope they remove this problem from other ones in near future.


    Coming back to the positives, the app is really affordable simply for the fact that $69.99 cannot give a better value for a whole year. It’s nearly impossible for all of us to read so many comics plus the star war comic’s universe. We can also read new comics while being offline, that’s great for vacations. Other apps providing the same service will not offer you full series of characters which can spoil the charm of binge reading.

    If you have not subscribed this app, let me warn that there are some technical issues which will irritate at some point in time. But, if you’ve got “nerves of steel” just like me, you become eligible for a roller coaster ride with Wolverine, Spider-Man, Thor, Black Widow, Dead pool, Black Cat and a lot of other fun and scary Marvel Character ex-Thanos.

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