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  • Most Tragic Deaths in Marvel History

    Tragedy is an essential part of comic books just like adventure, action, comedy and love. If you are a marvel fan boy just like me you would relate to those moments when it felt like you lost a family member with the death of a character. Every time someone died tears rolled down my eyes. It did not happen because I am sensitive but due to the fact that I’ve learned my life lessons from these characters. Here I am writing about deaths which changed the way I read comics forever.

    Uncle Ben

    For me, it was the death of the most loved character.  His death was the cause of Spiderman’s birth and his lines “with great power there must also come great responsibility” is still the greatest line of marvel universe. Though we see Uncle Ben for only a few pages yet his death by a mugger is heart-breaking. It’s the sole reason fans felt emotionally attached to the first instalment of Spiderman.

    Captain marvel

    Death of Captain Marvel is by far the most depressing comic I’ve ever read. Though he was portrayed fighting villains with Avengers and Spiderman he was eventually killed by cancer. Unlike other Marvel characters this superhero died the death of a common man which has always made me feel a little disappointed. I’ve grown up reading the heroics of Captain Marvel and I just can’t accept my ideal died on a bed.


    He was the ultimate portrayal of a side character who managed to gain attention from hardcore Marvel fans. He managed to stop a Nazi drone which was equipped with a bomb but paid the price by dying in the explosion. He did re-appear in the movie winter soldier but it felt rather bad to think he suffered in the freezing water of North Atlantic. He was an important sidekick after all.

    Charles Xavier

    He was the sole reason behind the formation of the X-men. A leader, guide to young mutants and most importantly a good man despite of the great power he possessed. The Avengers vs. X-men was a huge event in the world of both the teams. X-men suffered the greatest casualty as Cyclops killed Xavier when he was under the control of Phoenix force. A long-time mentor lost in the collision he always wanted to avoid was the most tragic but amazing moment in Marvel history.

    Jean Grey

    Her psychic ability was always praised by Professor X. I felt more attached to her as she was the love interest of Logan (my all-time favourite.) She destroyed a star system and faced trial for mass genocide. Amid this havoc she chose to end her own life in fear of the wild acts she would do under the Phoenix force. She tells her wish to her husband (Scott) and turns into vapours in front of him. I felt as if I lost my own lover (Damn Logan!)

    These were my choice of the most tragic deaths in marvel universe. I hope this list does not change. I cannot stand more deaths.

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