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  • Top Super Villains of the Marvel Universe

    Marvel has gifted us many villains who have achieved legendary status due to their ill deeds and rotten thinking. Before writing this article, I thought of many villains who gave me shivers down my spine. After a lot of discussion with other Marvel supporters I came up with the names of these unwanted people. They have been judged upon their plans, personality, power and their impression over superheroes.  Let’s get started as “being brilliant is not enough”.

    Dark Phoenix

    One of the greatest story of X-men produced one of the most dominant forces known as Dark Phoenix. She was a personality of Jean Grey who was arguably the most powerful mutant to live on earth. It was a shocking character change as we saw the ever-graceful Jean turn into the synonym of destruction. Marvel heroes always struggled to decide whether to use her as a tool or eliminate her. This gave a window to phoenix to use her powers and destroy an entire galaxy and kill thousands of innocent souls.


    If you have met Ultron through the film ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ then you do not even know the destruction capabilities of this classic villain. He was given genius level intelligence by Hank Pym through the blueprint of his own mind. It was created using Adamantium making it indestructible. Its capabilities are well over many villains and even superheroes. His capability to control humans and distant technology makes him a villain to respect.


    This Titan is worth talking about. You might have seen his glimpse in movies and it’s enough to make a buzz about him. He has the accolades oh having the Infinity Gauntlet, killing many superheroes and slewing half of the universe. He is recognized as dramatically increasing the population of the Inhumans. His presence is enough to startle the superhero community as it’s nearly impossible to kill him.


    Imagine an alien who is also a god. He was created before the Big Bang who has been feeding on planets that are inhabitant. You might know about Silver Surfer as he is Galactus’s scout. He can create life, teleport, transform and even make the dead walk again. He has endless powers and superheroes thrive on exploiting small weak points to survive and save earth from becoming his food.


    He was the first Mutant having an ancient existence. He has the power to challenge the X-men like no one else. His strength and speed cannot be matched. He wants to separate weak mutants from the strong one which in itself hampers the very existence of X-men. Also known as En Sabah Nur he is a nightmare to the entire human race.

    I wonder if someday all these characters combine and create a group which will never be defeated. It can be the last thing our heroes could expect but if this happens we might need some help from our creator. This was my list of the top super villains in the Marvel universe. Let me know if you think there are other villains who could have made this list.

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