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    Movies and slot games… where can you go wrong? We all love movies, thrillers, action movies, Sci-Fi… you name it we will watch it. However, what happens when your favourite movies and slots are combined? You get the recipe for some of the best slots around. Yes, that means movie-themed slot games – we get to see our favourite movie characters on the reels of a hot slot. These slots have proved to be hugely popular over the years and have provided us with some of the most popular slots around. Let us take a minute to find out more…


    Based on the legendary award-winning movie, the slot features many of the franchise’s memorable characters. Ivan Drago. Clubber Lang, Adrian, Apollo Greed and Rocky make up the symbols found on the reels. If you can land five Rocky symbols in a row, you will trigger big wins. The game also comes with many top features such as Free Spin, Multipliers, and the Knockout Bonus Round to keep things interesting.

    From Dusk Till Dawn

    Who can forget From Dusk Till Dawn? It starts as an earnest crime caper and descends into all-out horror! That is why we love it! This slot was a big hit among slots fans and the game took its place as one of the most iconic games. The game is built around five reels and fifty paylines and brings players features such as three bonus rounds in the base game and the Twister Wheel. It still captures the fun of the movie and more and you can find it and other slot games at Kitty Bingo!


    Probably one of the biggest and most popular movie-based slots. Inspired by the Ridley Scott movie, this game picked up where the movie left off. Gladiator slot comes packed with opportunity, thanks to its impressive list of features such as the Gladiator bonus and The Coliseum Bonus. Both features can be triggered using the wilds and scatter found on the game. Gladiator lets you relive the action on its five glorious reels – we can’t get enough of it!

    The Mummy

    Yes, now you can head into the desert and search for ancient ruins and treasure on this slot version of the classic action movie starring Brendan Frazer. Of course, the game features many of the characters and sound effects of the movie and was beautifully put together. Players will find five reels and twenty-five paylines and long with many other features. The Mummy also gets to make an appearance!

    Most of us would love to get paid for watching films at any time, but the great news is there are many movie-themed slots out there offering great prizes and fun bonus games. So, put down that popcorn and discover a new twist on your favourite movies by trying out any of the exciting games mentioned in this article. Who knows, you may uncover some new classic movies or slots.

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