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    Disney announced a streaming service which it was yet to give a name in August 2017. From the moment this announcement was made, discussions arose about the streaming wars that were going to start between Netflix and Disney. Furthermore, several other companies also announced their streaming services including companies like Apple, HBO, and NBC.

    Netflix was around before Disney and had started to allow customers stream movies including some Disney movies even before Disney announced its streaming service. However, the Disney announcement implies that it would be moving all of its contents out of Netflix to its dedicated streaming platform that will feature only Disney movies. This is going to tear customers apart based on 2 major factors. The first is that Netflix has been providing the streaming service for longer and could already have loyal customers. Thus, it might be difficult for Disney to pull out their customers until they can make new and exciting movies that people are yet to watch that would exclusively be on the streaming channel. There is also the fact that Netflix can source for movies from different producers as opposed to Disney Movie Club that wants to air their service exclusively. However, this is not to belittle the fact that Disney already has a huge following of its movie and a lot of people would gladly subscribe to their service for the opportunity to watch all of their movies and future movies they would be releasing.

    It is worthy of note that there might be some customers that are only subscribing to Netflix for the opportunity to watch Disney movies only or majorly. Does, once Netflix loses the right to allow customers to stream Disney content, they would instantly relocate to the Disney platform and probably uninstall the Netflix app from their phones altogether.

    Disney also has some other advantages that Netflix would not have. For instance, Disney could easily start to air original shots of Mickey Mouse that currently, no other platform is airing. This alone would be enough for a lot of families to have a Disney subscription that would allow the kids and teenagers in their house to enjoy the cartoons that Walt contributed directly in their creation.

    There are other classics of Disney that people find it difficult to find where to watch. Sometimes, you could just remember a movie like Treasure Island you watched when you were six and you are wondering that now you are older, you would probably get more from the movie than you did then or you just plainly miss the movie. If such movies are available on Disney, it would easily attract people who sometimes just feel like watching a Disney movie they have seen years ago to move to Disney. The wide producing network of Disney that includes Muppets, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Pixar would also mean that they would have a lot of movies for a start and the opportunity to regularly update the movies as new ones are produced. This would be enough to tempt a lot of people to leave Netflix and opt for Disney. Fortunately, no law says an individual cannot have both Netflix and Disney subscriptions at the same time. It would only cost some more bucks that some people would be willing to spend.

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