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  • Stan Lee: The Creator, the Legend, the Visionary

    If it was not for Stan Lee we would have never met the world of unimaginable stories. He is one of the main reasons for Marvel to grow into an entertainment giant. The man has co-created numerous characters which have made our lives a better experience, ex- Spider-Man, Hulk, X-men, and Thor etc. He has not only written comics but been an editor, executive producer, publisher, and chairman and even acted in movies. You cannot ask more from a man who is going great in his 90’s, making new fans each day.

    Here are some amazing facts about the legend that you should know.

    He wanted to quit comics

    There was a time when comics were seen as childish and Stan Lee was asked to write in a simpler language. He thoughtfully created the team of Fantastic 4 to be of more complex nature than the popular comic scene. These characters not only dealt with criminals but with real-world problems relatable to mature audience.  The series was a financial success and publishers backed Stan Lee to produce more stories for older audiences. X-men and Avengers came after which gained popularity like never before.

    He included things that matter

    Stan Lee changed the content of comic books forever. The depiction of drug abuse and its negatives were shown in “Amazing Spider-Man” in 1971. It was the first time a comic dealt with problems pertaining in the society which not only got critical acclaim but healthy sales. The reception for the story pushed writers to write more about issues of the society and their eradication. Racism, bigotry and discrimination were addressed which influenced the readers to a great extent.

    He also wrote for DC.

    Marvel’s pioneer collaborated with competitor company DC to re-imagine characters of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and The Green Lantern in the “Just Imagine” series. He changed their civilian names just like he did in his Marvel characters.  It was a huge step for Stan Lee as DC has always been the arch-rival of Marvel.

    They have characters which resemble each other a lot. They have a very hardcore fan base which would have never allowed such a decision. But, he did it and the readers were not offended to extremes. His imagination added flavour to the dark world of DC comics which came as a sudden treat for audiences.

    His autobiography is a graphic novel

    He poured coolness in his autobiography when he wrote it with full of graphics and candid information. He has written his life story with the same comic and energetic timing he is known for. The book is a must-read for fans and for those who want to know about the world of comics through the perception of its celebrated hero. Have a look and you will not be disappointed. In fact this book is a gem for collectors.

    We, as readers cannot be more thankful to Stan Lee. He has immortalised himself with his characters and I wonder that no one will be able to fill his boots.

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