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  • A Quick Infinity Stone Roundup

    Whether you watched Avenger series movies, Guardians of the Galaxy or Doctor Strange, you must be familiar with the Infinity Stones. These 6 powerful gems will bring together the entre Marvel extended cinematic universe in the two part ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’. If you are a comic book fan, you probably already know everything about these stones. Here is a quick refresher about these 6 powerful stones that Thanos is all set to grab.

    The Space Stone

    Also known as the Tesseract, this stone has caused much mayhem in the Marvel movies in the past. Loki has forever been behind it, even using it once to call the Chitauri army to Earth. The stone was safely returned to Asgard but after Thor: Ragnarok, the stone’s exact location is unknown. It is most likely with Loki.

    The Mind Stone

    The Mind Stone is basically what creates Vision and we have seen him being manhandled by Thanos in the Infinity Wars trailer. The Mind Stone was placed in Loki’s scepter in the first Avenger movie which he used to control people’s mind. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch both received their powers from the Mind Stone. For now, Vision holds the mind stone in his forehead and lives as an android creation of Ultron.

    The Reality Stone

    Also known as Aether, it may not even be in stone form. Instead, Aether takes the form of a red gas. We see the stone in Thor: Dark World and then it appears again in Guardians of the Galaxy where the stone is kept safe with The Collector. Though his base was destroyed almost completely, it is highly likely that Reality Stone is still with The Collector only.

    The Power Stone

    This stone was also featured in Guardians of the Galaxy as Peter Quill and Ronan were fighting to gain the Power Stone. It ultimately went to Ronan who was supposed to give it to Thanos. However, he decided to use that stone for himself, eventually wiping off (almost) the planet Xandar before the Guardians stepped in. The Power Stone was then given to Nova Corps in Xandar and is still with them.

    The Time Stone

    The Eye of Agamotto is what seals the Time Stone. Yes! That’s correct. The Time Stone is the fifth stone and was sealed as a charm by the first sorcerer on earth- Agamotto. The stone with Doctor Strange was returned to Kamar-Taj. Therefore, it is still there in Nepal.

    The Soul Stone

    Nobody knows much about this stone and the origins or the uses of this stone are still unknown. Moreover, the stone hasn’t made a prominent presence (or any presence at all) in any of the Marvel movies till date. The sixth stone will likely be shown in Infinity Wars. We may even get to see it before that in the Black Panther movie.

    It will be great to watch Thanos wage an intergalactic war to find the Infinity Stones. Are you excited for Infinity Wars too? I am. Before that, I also want to watch Black Panther. It is one of the most interesting on-screen solo superhero films in Marvel cinematic universe.

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