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  • The Most Powerful Weapons in Marvel Movies

    The Marvel movies are full of spectacular special effects and amazing characters. Some fans even suggest that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has actually left DC Cinematic Universe far behind in terms of quality and collections. They are not wrong. The MCU is more tightly knit and focuses on stronger, more reliable timelines, unlike the DCU which ended with a dud with Batman vs. Superman.

    If you like watching Marvel movies, you must definitely like the awesome weapons featured in them. Here is my favourite list of MCU weapons that literally blew my mind away on the screen.

    Yaka Arrow

    Yondu Udonta’s most powerful and trusted weapons, the Yaka Arrow doesn’t look spectacular but makes you lose a breath the moment you see it in action. It is made of Yaka and is controlled by a whistle. Yondu only needs to whistle to make this arrow work and it works at almost lightning speed, killing or destroying anything in its path.

    The Yaka metal is designed by Centaurians. It looks like an ordinary arrow or stick. However, when it is exposed to a specific sound frequency, it turns into a lethal weapon that can pierce though a spacecraft, leave alone a mortal. The arrow has anti-gravitational properties too and its great speed makes it one of the most lethal weapons in the MCU.


    Whether you love or hate Loki or simply love to hate him, there is no denying that Gungnir in his hands was one of the most destructive weapons in Asgard. Made with an Asgardian metal, this is a magical spear in the possession of Odin, Thor’s father and the ruler of Asgard. The spear itself is a symbol of the king’s power. It can project really powerful bursts of energy and Odin has even used it to send Thor to earth. When Loki got a hold of Gungnir, he too created these energy bursts, though not as powerful as his father. Gungnir is also connected with The Destroyer.

    The Destroyer

    Also known as the Destroyer Automaton, this is the ultimate weapon of Asgard. This enchanted weapon which made a threatening but impeccable appearance in Marvel movies is considered to be a server of Asgard’s ruler, no matter who it is. Moreover, the Destroyer is connected with the Gungnir, Asgard’s magical spear that always remains in the possession of the king. It is quite obvious then, that it could be used for both good and evil purposes, depending on who is the ruler of Asgard and who is carrying the Gungnir. It has superhuman strength and creates blasts of energy, also known as Odinforce, just like the Gungnir.


    The armour is used by Iron Man to control The Hulk whenever the big green monster goes berserk. It is super powerful and comes with almost as much power as Hulk himself. It is bigger in size than Iron Man’s armour 45 but packs more strength to match the Hulk.

    These were some of my favourite weapons from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

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