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  • Marvels Approach to Women Superhero’s in the Form of Jessica Jones

    You don’t have to be a fan of Marvel Comics to have heard of the awesomeness that is Jessica Jones. With a bestselling first series on Netflix, for those who may not have initially heard of the comic book creation of this kick-ass female PI, there is now no escaping the TV show’s portrayal of the character.

    As she now prepares to hit our screens once again with a second outing in the form of season two, which Netflix has commissioned for March 2018, we are finally able to pick up on her life since eliminating the creepy but oh so satisfying villain of Kilgrave.

    However, as a lifelong Marvel fan, I have heard many comments regarding Jessica Jones suitability to be labeled a superhero as such, and this scrutiny has only intensified since the Netflix premiere. Yet, I happen to firmly believe that she is the very epitome of what a Marvel Superhero should be all about, and I think Netflix has captured her perfectly.

    Above all, Krysten Ritter’s refreshing portrayal of a jeans and leather jacket-clad strong woman who refuses to conform to what society demands of her is perhaps one of the most significant indicators that times may just be changing. Maybe now the portrayal and accurate representation of female characters in Marvel may be starting to turn the corner.

    Why Jessica Jones Deserves her Place in The Marvel Stratosphere

    When most male and female Marvel fans think of the character of Jessica Jones, the first impressions that spring to mind are usually that she is the woman they would choose to have a beer with! The woman who they would want to fight their corner and, perhaps more importantly, a woman who they could easily imagine with no problems or hesitations existing in the twenty-first century.

    This is what was the considerable appeal of the character, perhaps even more so than the fact that this was at the end of the day a Marvel series! Yet, for a seemingly average woman who wasn’t born with superpowers, she was taken to the hearts of millions upon millions of viewers in an instant with many feeling agitated at being left to wait and ponder whether she would ever get her stab at a second commissioned Netflix series. Above all, it can be said with no doubt, that the Jessica Jones Series got more and more people interested in the Marvel superheroes franchise as a whole and ultimately brought a new audience to the fore.

    This is what I feel Marvel has achieved so well but which tends to get overlooked by the masses of critics – as it could well be said that the introduction of Netflix’s Jessica Jones series was predominately the cause of this new wave of interest!

    Why Jessica Jones Was a Breath of Fresh Air for Both Men and Women

    So, why was this most seemingly basic of all Marvel characters so prevalent in what seemed like an instant? Quite simply the answer was in precisely what Jessica Jones didn’t do. She managed a whole season, and she did it all without the need to dress up in a short skirt and tight top, and we weren’t subjected to her appearing naked throughout the show.

    We therefore quickly gained an enormous amount of respect for her character. Granted she didn’t fly as such, as per the original comic book creation, but she went against the bad guys and kicked up hell to earn her place as a real hero – and not once was there a high heel in sight!

    I feel that Marvel took a significant step in changing route with the Marvel comics because they took it off on a different avenue with Jessica Jones. The introduction of Hell’s Kitchen and the fact that Jessica and a few other of her friends were not born immortal makes them more appealing to the overall public.

    Above all, I think the new series gained a new wave of audience members which is always good for the Marvel universe. Ultimately, it got more and more women interested. And it didn’t just stop with Jessica Jones. By following Luke Cage and then moving on to other likable characters linked to Jessica, I even know of many female fans who also went on to watch and enjoy The Punisher series!

    Overall, Jessica Jones made Marvel cool once again. The storyline was new and fresh, and something not quite seen before and, when placed against the backdrop of today’s society and consequent problems, fans of all types were able to relate to the theme in one way or another.

    We hardcore fans may have had to wait for what feels like an eternity to see Krysten take her rightful place once again, in the depths of Hell’s Kitchen, but I’m pretty sure we can all agree it will be worth it when she bursts back onto our screens once again to take up her rightful role as Queen of Marvel!

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