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    Gaming world has always seen changes and upgrades within a short span of time. We have witnessed some cool, action packed, adventures and gross games. But, as a Marvel junky I have always been keen on playing every branded video game the company has ever produced. Trust me, these games have travelled a long way to reach the point of reality they have today. They are engaging, fun, relatable and full of stories to remember. It does not mean games back in time were not good. They were really good according to their era but the games of today are even better.

    Here I am listing few of the best games I could sum up in this blog.

    Spider-Man 2

    Do you love Spidey? Even if you don’t, do play this game if you believe in Marvel. Before the launch of Spider-Man game for PS4 this was the best game we had to play. With Spider-Man roaming through the city and making moves according to our will, it’s a dream come true. You could even change angles of the web that actually attached to buildings unlike other Spidey games. It had an open world to run through with plenty of villains and side missions to keep us hooked to the screen. Actor Bruce Campbell gave his voice to give this game a legendary status.

    X-Men: The Arcade Game

    Arcade games have always been my favourites due to the fact that you straightaway kill bad guys without waiting for them to make chaos. This game was more than just kicking and throwing punches but allowed players to use the special powers of characters like lasers of Cyclops and Claws of Wolverine. Players would fight with endless villains to gain points.  Eventually they would have to defeat Magneto to save planet earth. The game could be played remotely and 6 players were able to make a team of characters and defeat enemies.

    The game has also been launched for PS and Xbox with Android and iOS versions but they could not   replace the feeling of playing on huge machine. If you are lucky to find this game on an arcade do not think twice to spend some money and live the time of your life.

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes

    This game makes the list because the sheer number of characters you could play, exactly 155. If you are a Marvel fan you will probably never leave this game alone. This game has characters like Stan Lee, Aunt May, robots, Agent Coulson and what not.  The game is filled with signature Lego humour. If you have been reading Marvel comics then this game will become a nostalgia act. You can compete with different characters throughout the game at your own wish. Old and new fans can equally relate to the game making it stand out from all other great games.

    There are many more games to talk about. For now, I will rest my fingers with these three games which have the most different reasons to be the best.

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