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    As a comic book fan, this question gets asked a hundred times and I always try to give the most reliable answers to my readers. Both Marvel and DC are very close to my heart and I have been reading them both since I was a kid. However, there are a few ways in which one trumps the other. Today I will share my choice between Marvel and DC.

    In comic books and animation

    Batman and Wolverine are my favourite comic book characters of all times. In animated series as well, Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League are my favourite followed by X-Men. I can safely say that when it comes to comics and animated series, it is very difficult to choose a winner. I have read and enjoyed both Marvel and DC series. Therefore, I would like to keep them both on par with each other.

    In movies and TV

    There is no doubt that Marvel has an overall better cinematic universe than DC. I loved Batman trilogy with Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale at the helm of things. Stunning performances by Tom Hardy and Heath Ledger will always remain in my memory. I think Bale’s Batman was the best superhero the world has ever seen. Thanks to Nolan’s amazing direction, everything was perfect and even the villains were memorable. Even Robin, in his small role was so relatable and lovable that I cried for a spinoff movie for him.

    Apart from that, the DC cinematic universe is completely messed up. Wonder Woman was a refreshing new tale of a female superhero but DC failed after that. The latest Justice League movie was quite a spectacular fail for a comic book fan like me. I especially hated Batman’s character which has become old and groggy and Ben Affleck’s portrayal isn’t relatable. I didn’t mind Batman vs. Superman but the climax of the movie was the bigger disappointment in any superhero movie ever.

    Fantastic movies under its belt

    On the other hand, Marvel has gotten at least its movies right. The Avengers was quite a fantastic movie and it helped set the bar for upcoming superhero flicks. They have done a great job in introducing the characters and their backstories with consistent solo flicks and Avengers flicks as well. There are considerable crossovers too which help in maintaining the pace and timeline better than DC.

    However, when it comes to TV shows, Marvel needs a little polishing. I was quite excited to watch Iron Fist which looked good at first but became an annoyance to many comic book fans like me. Jessica Jones was awesome and so was Green Arrow. The Inhumans landed flat on its face and there was nothing I could relate to, as a long time comic book fan.

    Overall, I think that Marvel needs to rehash its TV shows and bring us something more desirable. DC really need to step back and decide what they really want to portray their characters as. If I could get a chance, I would rope in Nolan for another movie.

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