About Jeff

Welcome to the home of Marvel Crusaders. This is the website for all of us like-minded fans to congregate and celebrate everything beautiful about our love of games and anything online related. is a community for us all to indulge in our passion, and it is here that I hope you will be able to share your own experiences with the broader community

Before we begin, let me introduce myself and my reason behind the creation of this super website!

About Me

I am Jeff Gibson, and I am the creator of the Marvel Crusaders website. I live in the thriving capital city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and it is here that I work as a full-time professional blogger and gamer.

I feel incredibly lucky that I get to game and blog for a living, but the online world and indeed world of gaming has long been my passion. Now I finally get to share this enthusiasm with thousands of like-minded individuals such as yourself!

I have been a hard-core gamer ever since I was at school. I started out playing games on PC’s, getting to grips with the Internet and what it could do for me, before moving onto games consoles. There wasn’t anything I didn’t know about the latest models, and my friends would regularly refer to me as their primary source of all gaming knowledge, which only increased my confidence in this fast-moving industry!

As well as computers and consoles, I have also been a lifelong fan of superheroes, namely Marvel superheroes. Growing up, I possessed an extensive and complete collection of every superhero that the King himself, Mr. Stan Lee, has ever created – and to this day they remain one of my most significant achievements.

My parents, though slightly concerned about the amount of screen time my friends and I would take up outside of school, were proud of my dedication to my Marvel superhero’s collection. Consequently, they spent many weekends accompanying me to conventions and fairs to add to my ever-expanding collection.

Though they didn’t understand that much about the online world and the power of consoles and gaming at the time, my parents sure do now and are perhaps two of my most essential converts to this exciting world – and could possibly teach the younger generation a thing or two!

Marvel Crusaders is Born

It was no wonder then that with such a wide-ranging background in all things gaming, online and comic book related, that I would end up following my passion when I left school. I soon began to receive requests from selected companies keen to hear my thoughts and opinions on their latest gaming and online products, and my career was automatically decided for me!

That is how I became one of the most up-and-coming bloggers of the twenty-first century, and that was how Marvel Crusaders was born.

I decided to create a blog to get the word out about the many great products and services I was referring to, as I knew there was a world of gamers beyond my screen which would also benefit from these. Though I knew this would help the companies expand their products and services further, I didn’t entirely bank on my blog becoming such an attraction with gamers worldwide!

Within a matter of months of creating the Marvel Crusaders blog, I was shocked to find the website traffic attracting vast numbers to the site each day and soon enough, keeping the blog updated and relevant and communicating with the blog’s visitors quickly become a full-time job. Yet, this was where I knew I was meant to be – sharing my passion and my world with those who felt the same.

What Marvel Crusaders Offers Its Visitors

When visitors land on the website of Marvel Crusaders, they will find everything related to gaming, the online world and much more beyond, all on the one site. Furthermore, they will be assured of the knowledge that this is a website built by the experts, that is me, and the thousands of fans who choose to make this site their home.

So, come along and join me on this exciting journey as we discover the world of gaming together.

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