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  • How Variable Bit-Rate Improves Online Video Streaming

    Online video, especially for local television, is a growing trend. Even YouTube, with its enormous catalog of over two billion videos, gets 70 million unique visitors a month and an astounding 64% of video viewing comes from mobile devices.

    Online video is even deployed in unassuming platforms, like if you play on an online casino PayPal and other payment processing gateways support (which would mean you’re playing with real money).

    Thanks to HTML5 and other digital media standards, the way we view online video has changed. For one thing, the content being streamed by online video services now typically utilizes variable bit rate (VBR) or best-quality video streams. Also, as the technology to deliver better online video becomes more sophisticated, with the likes of no code apps leading the charge, it comes as no surprise that we are seeing more online video apps becoming multidirectional: they’re doing video chats, video previews, as well as implementing other video features too.

    Moreover, video streaming apps such as Kodi could be viewed on TV, computer, as well as mobile. However, to access geo-specific content like web series or movies, you may have to get the best vpn for kodi that is available in the market for your location.

    Moreover, there is no faster way to provide the quality we want to see than VBR, which also means that the streaming times are lower and the bandwidth costs are lower. If you’re someone who’s looking to enjoy VBR video streaming on your mobile device, you’ve come to the right place. This VBR guide is not only a primer on VBR, it’s also an illustrated tutorial on the best of streaming video for you.

    The Importance of a VBR App on Mobile Devices

    To get a taste of the difference between VBR video and HD video streaming, go to Amazon Prime Video on your desktop web browser and open up the New Video Preview in Chrome. The high quality of HD video streaming on a web browser is virtually indistinguishable from the same video on YouTube or Amazon Prime Video on your mobile device. The thing is, the streaming of HD video over the internet is still something new and relatively small audiences are willing to pay for. Therefore, we tend to focus on how to optimize mobile devices with rich media for streaming video so that it can operate effectively with limited bandwidth and storage. The less of our valuable online bandwidth we use for HD video streaming, the more we have to put into developing and delivering mobile video.

    How VBR Software Works for Streaming HD Video

    One of the things to note is that a lot of streaming services have “high quality streaming” technology built into them. As an example, Netflix on mobile is an excellent example of what a “high quality streaming” system looks like. As you might have seen, Netflix recently increased its Netflix HD streaming by 64% for its mobile service. It’s important to note that the quality streaming services are only paying attention to quality streaming. What’s actually working for them right now is their HD streaming options. That’s why when you are watching a Netflix HD stream on your mobile device, you may notice that the quality streaming options change when you’re switching from watching Netflix HD to Netflix SD. In fact, Netflix changed its streaming quality for mobile viewing slightly as well. It started off providing users with the ability to change their streaming quality from SD to HD but later dropped that option for its mobile viewers.

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