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  • A Guide through Some of the Best Marvel Video Games

    The world will never grow tired of Marvel games, simply because their unparalleled imagination and immersive structure makes them a favorite choice for many gamers out there, and the good-vs-evil storyline always makes for a perfect foundation. However, in addition to always going back to your favorites, such as Spiderman or Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon, we can all look forward to a slew of upcoming games galore, based on Marvel’s timeless characters and plot-lines.

    Let’s take a look at a few favorites that include some of the expected Marvel novelties, as well as a few old but gold picks that can always brighten up a dull afternoon.

    The unbeatable Hulk

    A favorite character of youngsters and adults alike, the Incredible Hulk may as well be the perfect beast lurking inside us all, and this game is an equally perfect excuse to vent some aggression on unsuspecting objects in this open world universe. There’s no wall sturdy enough to stop Hulk’s massive hands from ripping it apart, while you can also work your way through the game to defeat the evil bosses, including the main one, with an appropriate name of Abomination.

    No game is better for getting rid of any pent-up negativity, but once you do decide to switch to the mission-focused game, don’t be fooled by the character’s innate strength – the level of challenge of the game is as advanced as it gets. An all-time favorite among Hulk lovers for several great reasons, from great graphics, all the way to the freedom of movement.

    The non-Marvel Spiderman

    Of course, no Marvel character can every be truly and completely taken out of the unique Marvel imagination, but this take on this character will be done by none other than Insomniac. Famous for their wonderful adventure game features, it’s reasonable to expect ingenious combat options, complete with the full range of Spiderman’s abilities, including his famous wall crawls and augmented strength.

    Even though the story isn’t connected to the Marvel Universe, it still retains the basic premise of the Peter Parker character, and it even includes some of the most memorable villains, such as Miles Morales. Prep your PlayStation 4 for this one, since it will be the only available version for versed gaming enthusiasts.

    The mysterious Avengers Project

    The most awaited game batch still in the pipeline, this Marvel newcomer will be fresh from a multitude of perspectives, from an entirely new storyline, relatable characters, all the way to a wide range of environments to look forward to. However, there’s still limited buzz around the news, other than the fact that we can expect the storyline to stem from the idea that the Avengers team has broken up, and the presumed mission is to get the crew back together.

    What we do know for sure is that the complexity and the expected quality of the game itself will require a killer gaming laptop to match its performances, for those who intend to stick to the PC version. However, this will not be the only game of the Square Enix and Marvel partnership – this will be just the tip of the iceberg, as it seems.

    The mobile-perfect Marvel Puzzle Quest

    This three-on-three Marvel mobile favorite known by the name of Dark Reign is a surprisingly intricate and deeply playable game, that even those who aren’t too familiar with the Marvel Universe will love. The key storyline premise may be simple, but the complex interconnection between the levels, character capabilities, and the need to strategize makes it incredibly compelling.

    The complexity goes all the way down to individual characters, and it makes their combos far from random, but purely tactical. As you win different missions, you’ll get access to new characters, which opens up a whole new layer of opportunities for combining and keeps the game intelligent and still easy to master.

    Whether you’re in love with your phone and prefer to play on the go, or you’re an avid player dedicated to their gear at home, the Marvel Universe and the various studios working on these interconnected worlds always have something fresh you can either go back or look forward to. What makes them so incredibly authentic is their ability to always come up with new ways to bring their iconic characters to life and make the games a perfect pick for players of all ages and preferences.

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