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  • The Fallout New Vegas DLC Explained

    Fallout New Vegas is still among the most popular RPGs of all time, with some people even preferring this game to the later Fallout 4. One of the best things about the Bethesda Fallout games is the amount of depth in the DLCs that are released after the games have had a little time for players to complete them. These have successfully added new areas, new characters, and all kinds of new quests that broaden the story and give players something new to work with after they’ve seen a lot of the content in the main game.

    Here is a guide to what is in the four main DLC of Fallout New Vegas.

    Old World Blues

    The Old World Blues DLC for Fallout New Vegas features a sci-fi theme and a fair amount of comedy. The player also obtains plenty of new weapons, some new perks, and a base called The Sink, which has the best facilities of all the player housing in the game.

    Dead Money

    Dead Money is a DLC set inside the Sierra Madre casino, a new area added to the Mojave wasteland when the DLC is installed. It has a survival horror theme, which is unusual and very different from all of the previous DLC seen in Fallout 3, and also later DLC from Fallout 4. Playing this DLC can be a little stressful, but the rewards that you get in terms of gold and new weapons definitely make it worth a look.

    Honest Hearts

    Honest Hearts takes you to a new area of the game set in Utah. This was the first Fallout installment to feature weather, so you’ll see rain here, which isn’t featured anywhere else in Fallout New Vegas or in Fallout 3. It did later become a feature in Fallout 4 throughout the game, but the change of scenery is surprisingly refreshing when you step into this DLC from the Mojave wasteland setting. Here, the story focuses on a character who is mentioned in the main New Vegas storyline. He is called Joshua Graham. He used to be Caesar’s right-hand man and was thought to be dead.

    Lonesome Road

    Lonesome Road is the final DLC that was released for Fallout New Vegas and if you want to play them in order, it is best to play this at the point where you are mostly finished with the main New Vegas campaign. This is because this DLC is designed to give you more of a backstory to your player character and to introduce you to a new character called Ulysses, who explains a lot of what has been going on in the main story.

    You’ll also find that during this DLC you are able to upgrade your ED-E robot, giving him a lot of new features that will be helpful to you throughout the game. Lonesome Road is potentially the most important of the DLCs when it comes to understanding the setting of New Vegas and the character that you take on, and if you want to see everything in this DLC, then it is a good idea to look at walkthroughs from sites like

    Without wanting to give too many spoilers about what happens in this DLC, they are all worth playing, and most of them add something to the story that you are experiencing when you play the main quest of Fallout New Vegas.

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