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    Comic Con is drawing to a close. Last year was the first year that I was able to attend, and I have to say that I was blown away by what I saw. With millions of people all over the world who enjoy just about everything related to comics, it is no small wonder that we have such a popular convention each year. And this year is shaping up to be a fantastic year for attendees, with new shows on the way including a crazy event in New York that will blow the doors off of the convention center and a slew of other crazy things I am personally looking forward to.

    The showrunner for the new San Diego Comic Con is someone who is well respected in the industry. That person is DC Comics co-publisher, financier, and editor-in-chief, Jamesucker Hamners. And his appearance at the show this year will mark the biggest expansion into the venue’s history. And as someone who has been to three Comic Con events in the past, I can honestly say that the addition of Mr. Hamners is going to make my Comic Con experience that much better.

    But let’s get down to the meat of the matter, and that is how well the event will do this year. I believe that the addition of Mr. Hamners will only help. For one thing, he knows the crowd, he knows the faces, he knows the voice, he knows the faces behind the intimidating and legendary Batman that is there every year, and he brings that knowledge to the Comic Con event. But beyond that, his selection of panels and special guests is going to make my event one of the best ever. There is no doubt that as a long time Batman fan I will be excited to see the return of the Dark Knight, but the pairing of writers that are involved with the event will also be exciting for the comic book world and the fans who follow the Batman comics.

    Rebirth is an interesting concept. Rebirth is the “rebirth” of a classic superhero. In my opinion this makes the event more worthy of the original characters, and I hope that the success of the latest version of the Death of Superman will encourage other superheros to have their own Rebirth events. This is definitely something that I am interested in – especially seeing what happens to The Hulk.

    And speaking of the original characters – it’s great to see some of the older ones getting the spotlight here. I especially like seeing the debut of Tom Hardy as Hardy’s Batman, and I am very excited to see what role Christian Bale will play in the Dark Knight. I was a big fan of Batman when he appeared in the Dark Knight, and I think the role he is playing now in the new version is fantastic. But to see the original characters brought into the mix is a breath of fresh air in a crowded field.

    There are other superhero related events happening all across San Diego. There is also the annual ComicCon, but I have never been to this one. It is sort of like the Arrow Con, only it is smaller in scope, and focuses on a single superhero. One of my favorite things about this event is the exhibitors. You can find everything from individual tattoo artists, to retailers who sell licensed products to big name comic book publishers. I am going to try and get a feel for ComicCon 2110 as I am planning to attend, and will report back any significant happenings.

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