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  • Why Is Captain America The Leader of The Avengers?

    Many people have asked me this question in the past- why is Captain America the leader of The Avengers. He has no superpowers and his only weapon is an indestructible shield. He isn’t super-smart or super-rich either. BTW, he wasn’t even the first Avenger.

    That credit goes to Thor, Hulk, and Ant-man and of course- Iron Man. With all this is mind, what really makes him the leader of this group of people with superpowers and a mercenary history (Black Widow and Hawk Eye)?

    Let’s find out.

    He has leadership skills

    Unlike other members of the Avengers team, Cap actually has leadership skills. The most obvious choice for the leader of the Avengers is Cap because he knows how to lead people and inspire them to do great things. He showed his exceptional skills during the war as well.

    He knows how to strategize and use the skills of each member of the group wisely to meet the enemy heads on. BTW, if you think he is powerless, you must remember that he compensates it with unusual grit and bravery. Remember when he punched Thanos in the gut?

    He is incorruptible

    Captain America is incorruptible. He is a person who believes in the good in others and chooses to look beyond their flaws. He is the one who believes in the Avengers the most and gives them a worthy direction too. Without Captain America, the team will just be a group of superheroes who are out there to fight the enemy without a plan.

    Not to forget, there could even be possible infighting. After all, everybody is a superhero and they have their superegos as well. Captain’s incorruptible nature, his calm demeanor and his leadership skills make him the perfect leader this group could find.

    Iron Man is popular but…

    Of course, Iron Man is the most popular superhero of the lot. He is a genius and very rich as well. However, there is one thing that sets him apart from Cap. Iron Man has a God complex and he may be too self-indulged to become a leader for the group. In fact, he himself suggested that the owner of the group is Cap while he is just a financier and designer.

    The other popular hero, Thor, isn’t the type who would provide great leadership to a group of superheroes. He is more about muscle power and is only a part-timer, spending half his time in Asgard. Finally, we come to the Hulk. He is powerful and Banner is a genius too. However, he is a recluse in his normal persona and an uncontrollable devastation machine in his alter-ego. Both do not make him the right choice for a leader.

    Natasha doesn’t quite make the cut as a loner as she is more of a loner and often gets lost with her past and her emotions. The only choice Avengers will have apart from Cap is Barton or Hawk Eye. He is also a calm leader and a great strategized but would also need time away for his family.

    These were some reasons why Captain American is the most obvious choice for the leader of the Avengers. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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